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Master Distiller


The master distiller (called alambiqueiro) of Cachaça Cana & Lua has all the technical knowledge, experience and legacy passed down through generations, necessary to achieve the excellence offered by our cachaça.


He is, first of all, a mystical figure, an alchemist and, secondly, a specialized professional, leading the entire production process of our artisanal cachaça.


His main activities are:


- To carry out all the management of the sugarcane crop;
- To set the beginning of the harvest period based on technical measurements;
- To coordinate crushing, fermenting, aging and bottling;
- To operate, exclusively, the distillation process;
- To set the final blend and batches of each product.


All the coordination and operation of  Cachaça Cana & Lua processes are carried out directly by the master distiller in order to ensure an effective quality control sustained over the years.

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