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Sol Nascente Farm

A Century of History


The production of Cachaça Cana & Lua is held at Sol Nascente Farm (Rising Sun Farm), located in the city of Alterosa, south of Minas Gerais State.


The farm was founded in 1910 by the Terra family, descendants of Portuguese and Italians who arrived in Brazil in the nineteenth century.


At that time, the family was a producer of coffee.


Besides the main house, the farm had a colony of residents who worked in the fields and lived there with their families. For its structure and organization, it was a model farm for the region in the early twentieth century.


Currently, its fourth generation devotes all its cultivation to the sugarcane. The farm has an elevated topography, with more than 850 meters above sea level, an ideal permeability for cultivation with a soil rich in nutrients and ideal climatic conditions for the production of sugarcane. An excellent terroir for cachaça.


The entire production process of Cachaça Cana & Lua is conducted at Sol Nascente Farm, starting from the cultivation of sugar cane, passing through the artisanal production to the final delivery to customers.


With over 100 years of tradition, Sol Nascente Farm stands out one more time in the southern region of Minas Gerais, this time due to the production of high quality artisanal cachaça which became a benchmark in its segment.

Sol Nascente Farm in 1910

Four generations of History at Sol Nascente Farm

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