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The Artisanal Concept


Each master distiller (called alambiqueiro) has his technique, his alchemy secrets. The nuances of each cachaça make each sip a new experience. It creates curiosity, stimulates the senses of smelling and tasting. The nature, patience and tranquility where it is produced is transferred to the glass. It stimulates friendship and good chat.


Additionally, the artisanal concept is based on the fact that only producing in small scale, it becomes possible to achieve excellence in the final product. This is evidenced by production factors that bring the best results when conducted this way, as:


- Cultivation and cutting sugarcane with care and attention, never using fire;
- Fermentation tanks with naturally more vigorous fermentation
without chemicals;
- Small copper alembic, providing greater contact with the wine;
- Distillation in a
calm and natural rhythm, avoiding the load of undesirable substances to the spirit;
- Small aging barrels, bringing greater contact of cachaça with the wood, enriching the final product.


All this factors result in a spirit with extremely rich sensorial profile of flavors and aromas, not found in other production processes.

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