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Homero Batista dos Santos

Founder of Cachaça Cana & Lua

The Origin of a Dream

The Legacy from HBS



November 24,  1948. Next to a simple house in the nature and far from the city, Maria Borges, next to her husband Fernando Batista, gives birth to his son Homero Batista dos Santos. It was born, at that moment, a story that left a deep legacy and an example to be followed.


Homero has always been passionate about agriculture.


During his lifetime, he was a bold man, noble lawyer, mayor for two terms, a university professor, a brilliant speaker and an exemplary father.


His passion for cachaça materialized when, in 1997, he began producing what he always dreamed of: a superior quality artisanal cachaça.


Then, it was born, from a pure and great heart, Cachaça Cana & Lua.


Homero, as his cachaça, was possessed of qualities worthy of the best compliments that are justified when everyone who had the pleasure to live with him or to prove his cachaça, approved his recognized and authentic ability to produce a real high quality product.


He sought harmony in the mission of living and let his children an example of discipline in the way and faith in the future.


In the mirror of the days, he let reflected his greatest lesson: family is the greatest blessing of God and love is the way to the light.


In his smile, the pleasure of great achievements, the consciousness of having fullfiled his duty in the construction of history and the continuity of his dreams by his future generations.

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