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The Origin of the Name

Dedication to the work, before daylight


Before deciding the name of the cachaça, it was known that when it was found, it should be something that brings all the meaning that cachaça has to the Terra family and rescued all their history.


Several names have emerged, but none were approved and got the feeling that they were the ideal names.


The work on the artisanal distillery starts very early, since distillation, when perfectly done, should be slow and calm, which requires the master distiller a great dedication to start his journey even before dawn.


And so, on a cold morning in July 2003, when Selma Terra, wife of Homero, began another day of work towards the alembic, seeing the sugar cane fields under the moonlight, she reflected on the whole history of dedication and passion to the craft of producing a cachaça that represented the history of a family. It arose, at that moment, the name Cana & Lua, which means Cane and Moon.


Its label has a special meaning: it represents the vision she had at that time. It also includes, as a mark on the moon, the map of Minas Gerais, home state of Cachaça Cana & Lua, with elements of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, which refer to the history of the centennial Fazenda Sol Nascente Farm (Rising Sun Farm), where it was founded.


Currently, Cachaça Cana & Lua is an icon of artisanal cachaça in the south of the state of Minas Gerais.

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